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                                       Patricia Mortlock

                                                              Animal Intuitive


                                                          Qigong Practitioner

                                                                 Reiki Master


                                                                Author of:

                                                               "Animals Speak

                                                   Communication with Animals

                                                        Both Living and in Spirit"


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                                    You can know your pet like never before

     Animal communication is literally having the ability to hear an animals thoughts.  It also allows me to  be able to communicate with them in a way that allows me to carry on a conversation, of sorts, with  them.  The way I communicate with them is to see, hear and feel the information they are sending to  me.  I know this sounds odd and it is even harder to explain so I won’t elaborate here.

     My speciality is to go deeply into the thought patterns of the animal.  Their psychology. The subtle  nuances of their personality.  I find this information particularly useful when working on behavioral  issues and understanding why they might be acting in a particular way.  Knowing the reasoning behind a  behavior, from their point of view,  is usually the key to unlock why they have chosen  a particular behavior. Knowing their thought patterns, rational to us or not, helps us help them.


     My work is not done instead of veterinary work.  I do not diagnose or treat medical conditions.  If your pet has a physical condition please see your vet. Having said that, I am a Reiki Master and have found my Reiki treatments, along with medical care, when needed, are a good partnership.


     Pets that have passed on often have a lot to say about why they were your pet.   They come to us to help us with things we are learning.  These things can get lost in our every day life.  They could have come to teach us about trust, love, joy or any number of positive attributes.  They may  come to help us with our health.  They literally try and take that burden from us, sometimes taking on the illness in their own bodies.  I can talk to them and find out what your special relationship with them was about.

    I saw a beautiful Siberian Husky coming out of  the dog park one day.  First, he knew in an instant that  I was able to hear his thoughts so, he turned to me and showed me the long line of champions he was  born from.   I was surprised that this was so important to him that it was the first thing he had to say.

     I once spoke to a horse who had become very fearful over time through years of neglect.  What he had  to say broke my heart; “I remember when I used to be brave”.  

 These kinds of quick little insights into their thoughts paint a whole picture of how they are feeling and  in some cases how we might help them.  I often see situations in which owners and pet's emotions  overlap and are intertwined.  


                                     Some Reasons to Have a Reading For Your Pet


  • Changes – pets don't always adjust easily to changes and new behaviors might show up that were not there before.


  • Behavior Issues – old or new, we can get answers to what might be bothering them and why they have chosen to act out in this way.


  • Psychological Issues – if an animal has been rescued or adopted they might come with issues from their previous home.


  • Physical Issues – they might be acting out due to issues we are not able to see.  Often times they will take on physical problems to help their human friends.  


  • Time For Their Transition – our senior or ill pets may be getting ready leave us.  I will not tell you if it is time to terminate a pets life, that is between you and your veterinarian.  I will tell you how your pet is feeling, as they relay it to me.  I can tell you about their attitude regarding present time.  With that information, most clients know what to do next.   A Reiki treatment at this time does not promote their passing but can add a level of comfort to those who are ready to leave us.  I once saw a picture of a dog so crippled with pain from cancer that it was hard for him to "let go".  Twenty minutes after a Reiki treatment, he peacefully let go.    

  •  If You Suspect Abuse - there could be times when we sense that the behavior of your pet has changed.  We may see them acting different around a certain individuals but are unclear as to when it started or why things have changed.  There could be abuse going on.  Abuse of our pets by others rarely happens in front of us.  The signs may be, fear, aggression, hiding or any number of other things.  They all react differently and deserve to be protected.  They will tell or show me what is going on.

  • Speaking to the Other Side for pets that are in Spirit -  Some of the most heartfelt readings I have done are with pets that have crossed over to the other side.  In those readings they tell me why they were here, what they were helping their owners to learn and what their owners helped them learn.  On occasion I have seen them in their new bodies.  These readings are filled with love, devotion and healing for their owners.

  • Lack of Confidence - Dogs that lack confidence become aggressive in situation that cause them fear.  It appears that you are living with two different dogs.  The inside dog is sweet and loving, the outside dog is unpredictable, dog aggressive,  unmanageable and barks at everything.  This situation can only get worse if not taken seriously and dealt with swiftly.  I will feel this insecurity and help you to help them gain confidence.

     People are often surprised as to what the reading reveals.  It is also not uncommon that the owner is  sent to me to receive information about themselves.  

 One client called me because her sister's dogs had been lost, but now found.  But, she was still worried  about them.  As the reading progressed what was "lost" was the client who was calling me.  She was  a writer who opened a restaurant.  She opened the restaurant because she had too much anxiety about  perusing her passion as a writer.  

 She was "lost" because her path involved writing stories, not in owning a restaurant. 


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                                                                        ANIMALS SPEAK

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