Snoopy a demure  Jack Russel terrier, was the queen or hearts.  She was a beautiful, sweet Jack Russel terrier. Though Snoopy had passed away, her owner Victoria asked me to speak to her.  The first thing Snoopy told me was that she had returned!  She was now living in a place that felt like Scotland or Ireland and she was in the body of a sheepdog.  I asked her if she liked her new life, "it's so green and beautiful.  I run and play.  I can go as far as I want but I also know how to defend the animals.  I can be fierce.."  She was evidently on a farm watching over sheep.

I asked why she got cancer, "I was helping Victoria with some of the pain/grief.  I took as much as I could, my body couldn’t hold anymore.  That was my purpose, that is why I came, it was my job.  I was happy that she let me help her."

She had much to say but her final words to Victoria were “you played a big part in teaching me about love, my heart is richer now.  We used to look at each other with such love, we would just stare at each other and love would pass through  us.”  This was a reading I did not want to end,  Snoopy, the queen of hearts.







     This beautiful horse had a physical ailment, called Shivers, causing him a lot of discomfort.  When I talked to him he told me about a past life, when he was a "pony" and did not have to wear a saddle, shoes, bit or any gear.  He showed me a life, living as an american indian "pony".  He was ridden bareback.  His physical condition had to do with his rebellion about all the tack he had to wear in this life.

When I told his owner he did not want to wear shoes, saddle etc. she didn't quite know what to do but said she would gather more information and possibly try taking off his back shoes to start.

Two days after my reading, he jumped out of the round pen and knocked of one of his front shoes.  He had decided to remove his own shoes!





      Freddie a very spunky white and beige terrier, is another one of my favorites.  A little terrier full of mischief and spunk.  She was very proud that she could be "bossy" at times.  One of the questions her owner ask was to check and ask if Freddie likes her acupuncture treatments.  When I asked she me herself, laying on a table, people pampering and petting her and she was in a very relaxed state.  I told her owner the impressions I got and how much she loved her treatments and Alice said "oh no Freddie hates her treatments."  I asked Freddie why she showed me that very relaxed picture and she said "ha ha, I fooled you."  I told her owner the response and she laughed!  Alice said Freddie fools me all the time.  She'll run out in the back yard, then start barking, like she is unable to get back in by herself (Freddie is 17 years old).  Her owner will go outside to get her, while she is in the act of bending over to pick Freddie up, Freddie will run as fast as she can back in the house!

Again, "ha ha I fooled you."

When I finished the reading I asked Freddie if she couldn't be a little more well behaved and she said "I'll try".  When I last heard from Alice she updated me on Freddie's behavior "By the way, last time you spoke to Freddie told you she was going to try to be a little nicer and not so grouchy.  She has totally turned it around and she is mostly in a good place; hardly, ever grouchy.  Very cool!"

That a girl Freddie......   



I passed by a beautiful German Shepard one day in the park.  She quickly told me she was a police officer and so was his handler.  As she passed me, she ducked behind her owner saying "shhhh".  She was making a game out of  being undercover!  She had learned from her owner that it was not always a good idea to be obvious about being a police officer.  They often think in ways we consider too human.

I am hoping to run into them again.    I believe her owner may misunderstand the way she hides behind her at times.  She's not afraid, just having fun.  She was so incredibly bright and sensitive to her owner.  What a great team.  Sometimes this information is passed along to me so quickly that I miss the opportunity to convey the messages.  Information was also given to me regarding her owner, which I will omit here.

Dogs that have such specialized jobs like these, have to be unique individuals.  If you understand that they have, for instance, a noise sensitivity or little things frighten them as puppies, you can work it into their training.  If you push too hard you can "break" these beautiful beings.  But, you have to know what they are reacting to and why. It's not always obvious.


     There are so many wonderful people in this world, ready willing and able to help rescue animals.  That was the case with a rescue group I came to know who were helping someone after she had rescued retired racehorses.  The situation that started out with a well meaning person got out of control and became very sad.  One of the race horses still had her pride and showed me the long lineage of winning race horses she had come from.  Another a beautiful stallion in that group who had become fearful through years of neglect turned to me and said "I remember when I used to be brave."  The depth of their feelings is sometimes overlooked.  These quick insights into who they are, and how they are feeling holds the key to their rehabilitation.  These two will be just fine!


     Gracie is a beautiful golden retriever who is trained for retrieving birds.  Gracie lost a leg due to cancer.

When I started my reading I quickly noticed that she had a very large energy bubble around the area of her missing leg.  The owner never mentioned trouble in this area but I quickly felt the remorse and confusion about the loss of her limb.  I told her about her cancer and that it was necessary to remove her leg to save her life. Using Reiki I released the energy bubble around the lost limb and allowed the energy to flow again. Sometimes we forget to tell them about the obvious.   Gracie didn't understand what happened to her leg. She went to sleep, woke up and it was gone. She was still flowing energy to an area that was no longer there. They are in our care and we take care but we mustn't forget to include them in the process.



    The other day I was out walking and saw a lizard sunning on a rock.  The rock he was on was about 2' high with a sheer face and about 6'-7' away from me.  I stopped and said hello but suddenly he started bobbing up and down on the rock.  He was feeling slightly threatened by me even though I tried to reassure him.  Suddenly he ran straight down the face of the rock, ran directly toward me missing my foot by 1" and stopping about 1" away from my heel.  I looked down and he had turned his neck and was looking directly up at me.   I told him he was very brave then he took off toward his rock and vanished under it into a small crevice.  What a show of strength for the little guy!  So much character in such a tiny body, bravo!!




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