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                                     WHAT THEY HAVE TO TELL US





     Snoopy a demure  Jack Russel terrier, was the queen or hearts.  Though Snoopy had passed away, her owner Victoria asked me to speak to her.  The first thing Snoopy told me was that she had returned!  She was now living in a place that felt like Scotland or Ireland with green rolling hills.  She was in the body of a sheepdog.  I asked her if she liked her new life, "it's so green and beautiful.  I run and play.  I can go as far as I want but I also know how to defend the animals.  I can be fierce.."  She was evidently enjoying her new life as a protector.

I asked why she got cancer, "I was helping Victoria (her owner) with some of her pain/grief.  I took as much as I could, my body couldn’t hold anymore.  That was my purpose, that is why I came, it was my job.  I was happy that she let me help her."

She had much to say but her final words to Victoria were “You played a big part in teaching me about love, my heart is richer now.  We used to look at each other with such love, we would just stare at each other and love would pass through  us.”  This was a reading I did not want to end,  Snoopy, the queen of hearts.




     I passed by a beautiful German Shepard one day in the park.  She quickly told me she was a police officer and so was her handler.  As she passed me, she ducked behind her owner saying "shhhh".  She was making a game out of being undercover! She was very much aware that it is not always safe to be obvious about being a police officer. We only equate this type of awareness to human behavior.

     I am hoping to run into them again.    I believe her owner may misunderstand the way she hides behind her at times.  She's not afraid, just having fun.  She was so incredibly bright and sensitive.  What a great team they made.

Sometimes this information is passed along to me so quickly that I miss the opportunity to convey the messages to their owners.  Information was also given to me regarding her owner as well, which I will omit here.

     Dogs that have such specialized jobs like these, have to be unique individuals.  It is important to understand their unique gifts and talents. A lot of breeds have traits that tend to be part of their make up.

But, individuals within those breeds can excel with their own special combination of strengths.  

For instance, a dog with an exceptional hearing ability can learn to be afraid of loud noises if not trained properly and overexposed early in their training.   If you understand that they have a noise sensitivity or little things frighten them as puppies, you can work it into their training.  If you push too hard you can "break" these beautiful beings.  But, you have to know what they are reacting to and why. It's not always obvious.




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