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Westlake Village, CA

Hi Patricia

I don’t know what kind of magic you have but Moose has been a different dog since your visit.  He has been calmer, hops right into the car and generally seems happier.  I think maybe he just wanted someone to listen to him.  I can’t thank you enough.

Also got your book and really enjoyed it!

Maybe we could schedule some reiki after the holidays?

(On the day of the reading I told her that Moose did not like his name, that he preferred to be called Teddy.   She responds...)

Oh I almost forgot to tell you, I went through all of Moose’s records and his name when we adopted him was Teddy!


N. M. 

Seattle, WA

Hi Patty,


Thank you so much for this beautiful reading.


You for sure answered all of my questions and helped me gain clarity on my relationship with my dog. I am really pleased that we have such a deep connection and bond as she really is my best friend.


I appreciate you taking the time to read her especially during this time in her life.




Maui, Hawaii

My little sister had you heal her dog and horse and your ability to heal her dog with Reiki from his fear of water was amazing!


Thousand Oaks, CA

Thank you so much Patty for this informative reading!!! I’m so glad you met all three of my boys☺️ we all went on a hike this afternoon and your insights were just about all talked about. Armed with this knowledge we now have a direction to move and goals to accomplish. I can’t thank you enough. 



Thousand Oaks, CA

I was asked to read for her beloved dog who was adopted and her three incredible companions that have passed on. It was truly a lovely experience for me.  What beautiful beings she has drawn into her life.  

 "Patty's readings of my beloved animals were very special and beautiful.  It brought me so much joy to reconnect with my animals that I miss so much.  I feel as though my soul has been rejuvenated and I have hope once again!  And I feel the same about my current dog, Bugsy, who is a rescue.  Patty helped me figure out why she didn't like to walk on a leash. Thank You for everything Patty : )"




Agoura Hills, CA

I was called in to help figure out why a kitty was so upset all the, and was attacking one of the children.

  "Thank you very much Patricia. That was very kind of you, and helpful too! I have been feeling much better about my relationship with him all day, now that I know what's going on. 

All the best" 



Liz O.

Santa Clarita, CA

The reading was amazing.  I felt Sophie knew you from the second I opened the door.  She greeted you like an old friend, which made me feel good.  I was excited to hear all she had to tell you.  I was amazed to learn about her personality and why she does some of the things she does around the house.  It was nice to be able to ask her questions with your help and have answers.  It was a great comfort to know about her health.

Thank you again for the reading

Alice K.


....their little personalities (I should say “big personalities) now reveal themselves with more dimension.  Last time you spoke to them Freddie told you she was going to try to be a little nicer and not so grouchy. She has totally turned it around and she is mostly in a good place; hardly, ever grouchy. Very cool!) 


Karin S.

Oxnard, CA

Patricia,  Thank you again so much for the time you took for me and Shiva! It really answered a lot of my questions, I feel I understand her more. She seems a lot more relaxed too, I don't know if that is just me or what...but I do see a difference.

I gave her cantaloupe today, and WOW her eyes lit up like I have not seen before. She does love it!!

Take care.

R. & P. M

Palm Coast, Florida

...... I was a skeptic but the things you told us were so specific they couldn't have been guessed, you must have KNOWN them.  Thank you so much and we will be calling again.

Much thanks.

Stephanie S

Los Angeles, CA

I was aware that  my horse was very special but hearing about how he feels the need to look after me, I find amazing.  He is far more than a pet to me and now I know he feels the same.  I find the depth of his feelings, very touching.  You have added another dimension to our

relationship.  I am forever grateful.

Thank you Patty! 


Dan B


I knew he (his dog) loved to ride on the back of my motorcycle but didn't realize how much!  Thank you.

Sherri B


Lenny (horse) is the love of my life.  Knowing how he feels on all the issues important to me, makes me feel more secure in our relationship.  I would do anything for him and I love knowing how much he trusts me.  Your have given me a clear picture of his personality.  I love knowing he has such a great sense of humor, I can lighten up when he does some of the things I used to take so seriously.  I never thought about him liking to make me laugh, that's so human!  Thank you.


Thousand Oaks, Ca

I was called to help because this little boy, dog, was not eating and Reiki helped in some areas unexpected;

....."he decided he can swim!!!!!! Today is the first time has ever done this!!!  Thank you so much!!!"

.....“we're at the beach and he would only do his toes but now he’s starting to go through waves.  conquering his fears one at a time!!  So amazing!”

Leroy is doing better then ever eating 2 cups of food in the morning and 2 cups of food at night! Seeing him swim yesterday almost brought tears to my eyes. He looked so happy and proud that he was swimming. I can't thank you enough.   

With love


Thousand Oaks, CA


                                                                                             805 341-9410



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